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About us

Amaya Used Cars


Amaya Used Cars is one of the most trusted used cars auction companies in all of UAE. The amazing venture between the Amaya Used Cars (Sharjah) and the huge Abdula & Nasser Used Car Trading in Sharjah (UAE) has taken the old car market by storm. We offer an exclusive stock of seller database, which enables our buyers to choose from a myriad of amazingly cheap salvage cars and bid on them while sitting on their couches.

Amaya Cars wins your trust with unmatched quality and service delivery. Serving our buyers and sellers alike in the kindest, most professional way, with ton percent satisfaction is the utmost priority for Amaya.

With unprecedented online as well as physical bidding activities, we have made buying and selling salvage cars a cup of everybody’s tea. With our values and principles pertaining to truthfulness and uprightness, we have made car dealings easier than ever for seller and buyers alike in Sharjah and from all over the world.

Best service delivery has always been our eventual goal when we provide; shipping services to our seller from anywhere in the world or amazing online and practical bidding services to our buyers. When you choose Amaya to purchase or sell an old car, you are destined to save money whether you’re selling or buying your favorite item.

Given the extensive catalog of sellers Amaya Cars provide you with your desired old cars, which you couldn’t afford earlier being overpriced, at unbeatable prices. We offer unprecedented comfort to our buyers in the form of online bidding sitting on their couches, for their desired salvage cars.

With the kindest service, best shipping delivery, and an opportunity to save money we offer you every incentive to work with us.  We are always itching to ensure ever so smooth transactions and transfer of amazing used cars from our great sellers to our dearest buyers. We look to improvise any problems you may face in the auction process, and look to provide advanced solutions to relieve you from that discomfort.

Being a buyer, you can benefit big time by choosing Amaya by sharply cutting-off the price of your desired car. And if you’re a seller you can easily sell your used car at reasonable price without having to worry about shipping your car to the buyer.



Our vision is to one day be able to stand firm as the old cars company with the reputation of being the kindest customer service provider and the smoothest transactions and transfer of amazing used cars facilitators from our supers’ seller to our dear buyers.


Our mission is to beat your expectations by going one step further and setting the bar high with our kindest service. We aim to improvise any problems you may face in the auction process, and look to provide advanced solutions to relieve you from that discomfort.



What’s your car worth? Receive the absolute best value for your trade-in vehicle. We even handle all paperwork. Schedule your appointment today!

Our cars are delivered fully-registered with all requirements completed. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are.

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